Hidden Secrets of Running An Escort Agency

Every industry or business has some hidden secrets that are only known by the owner. The fact that your friend’s business seems to be running so smoothly, he/she doesn’t have some challenges. It is only that they have learnt ways of handling these weaknesses and concentrating on the good part. For Cape Town Escort agencies, they have a lot in their closet that they have never revealed to the public. Some of these secrets are what has made them become as successful as they are today. however, others are the reason between their failures today.

Working as a Cape Town Escort and especially under a good agency is very fun and a guarantee of success. Have you ever taken time to figure out the price the agency has had to pay to remain in business? Very few Cape Town Escorts take time to think about this question. You will no longer remain in the dark anymore as I have prepared this article to enlighten you.

Challenges of an escort agency

  1. Pay very high tax

One of the things we all need to understand is that not all countries have passed the law of having escorts pay tax just like any other employee. However, for the few which have, the percentage of tax these agencies pay are very high. This is because, such governments believe this is a free industry and the agencies can charge as much as they want and their clients will pay.

Secondly, these governments charge high tax to escort agencies to discourage them from continuing with the business. This simply means, although they are giving them freedom of operation, their freedom is controlled very much.

  1. They pay high fines for small mistakes

Cape Town Escorts are not allowed to make any mistake when at work. Although there are some mistakes which are pardonable by some governments, when the same are committed by escorts, the stories is different. According to many escort agencies, they have been regularly been forced to pay some fines that they never deserved to pay.

This means, many governments treat running an escort agency very differently from other businesses.


After learning some of the cost an escort agency has to pay to continue running, do you think it is worth it? The answer is a big “Yes”. Apart from the disadvantages of running this business, it is important to note that it is very profitable. The moment you get fully established, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your work!